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The Afterlife of Alice Watkins: Book One


 You don't always go to heaven when you die. Alice didn't. She ended up on a space station.

And she'd never even read a science fiction novel!

"Fascinating and Imaginative"  (Amazon top 1000 reviewer)

"Unexpected and totally readable"

"Beautifully written...this story has heart"

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The Afterlife of Alice Watkins: Book Two


"The most endearing character in modern sci fi"

"I can't express how much I love Alice. Matilda Scotney is my new favourite!"

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The Soul Monger: Book One


The lives of six ordinary people are just about to get a lot more interesting!

A tale of intergalactic slavery and intrigue.

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About Matilda Scotney

Thank you for visiting my website. I expect you're here because you love Science Fiction? I do - I happily admit to being a die-hard Star Wars and Star Trek fan!

I have always wanted to write science fiction. I love spaceships and aliens and inventing all the  amazing scientific elements that exist in a newly discovered, universe or galaxy. I don't mind even getting a second-hand galaxy, like the one we live in, and giving it a face lift.  So many new worlds to explore and amazing new characters who have a story to share!

Science Fiction books open up all sorts of incredible possibilities for us to speculate on. I hope you continue to enjoy my Sci Fi worlds. Live long and prosper.

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