Nice things people said about The Afterlife of Alice Watkins: Book One and Book Two

"Alice Watkins dies at 65 and is reborn into the body of someone much younger, in a time hundreds of years later. But nobody knows Alice Watkins, they all believe her to be someone called Alexis Langley. Such a fascinating premise is opened up and dissected with skill by Matilda Scotney, who has created a brilliant utopian future for the world. My only criticism (if it can be called that) may be that it all seemed too perfect, and that I was waiting for something to go wrong... Looking very much forward to reading the second book in this series. Plenty of questions to be answered and mysteries still to be solved. An excellent debut novel that will leave you thinking. Amazon Best Selling Author - Bree Verity

 "" I'm always on the lookout for new Science Fiction and so glad I came across this one. I started to read this after work and it took up my weekend:) I loved following the journey of Alice (or is it Alexis?). This was a gentler type of Sci Fi than most i've seen recently which was really refreshing. Can't wait to see how Alice's life develops in book 2. Don't keep us waiting too long Matilda. " Amazon reader

" This was one of the most refreshing science fiction novels I have read. The characters are relatable and really likeable. I love the relationships that Matilda has developed with the principals, educators, statesmen and doctors on both Saturn station, the Significator and Earth. I can't wait for part 2 to see how they develop further. Alice/Alexis is so loveable and Matilda has managed to capture the little old confused lady who is trapped in a beautiful young 30 something body. You can feel her confusion and I love the humour this has captured in the situations she finds herself in. I love this book. You have done an amazing job Matilda - Sci-Fi that makes sense... who would have thought? " Amazon Reader

"I just finished this book for the 2nd time. I love love love it. The characters are really likeable and you can relate to the dilemma poor Alice Watkins finds herself in. This is soft science fiction that you can understand. The relationships between the characters from the different levels of society Matilda has created is fabulous. Can't wait for book 2... " Amazon  Reader

"halfway thru your Alice, great premise...really enjoying it" (Another Nice person who sent me an email.

 "I can't express how much I love Alice . She is so much fun and has really come to care for her new family. Matilda Scotney has created some fabulous characters who you really start to care about as the story progresses. I was totaly immersed in their lives and laughed and cried along with them. I absolutely loved the ending. What a surprise! This is a story I could see as a TV series or movie. I can't wait to read more from this author. I think she is my new favourite." Amazon Reader