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Helping Indie authors

Reviews are the lifeblood of Indie authors.   If I read a book I enjoy, I will add it here and review it on Goodreads and Amazon.  These Books are available on Amazon.

Master Fantastic by J S Frankel

What can I say, love this author's books! They never take themselves seriously!

The Last Human by T F R LeBoomington

 Great read!

I couldn't decide if I liked or loathed Rick, but as the story continued, I rather believed I came to understand him. Enjoyable. 

The Divine Dissimulation by Martin Lundvquist

 An intriguing mix of sci fi and religion. I found the lack of quotation marks in the dialogue distracting at first but I soon found this method suited its 'voice'. The board meetings were a little dull and I was keen to get back to the 'divine' action. It's a great premise and the author did a wonderful job. Get this book. Be entertained. 

Embark by Jon Justice

 Science Fiction/Space Opera. I liked this story because I didn't get mired down in impossible to understand technology! An easy to read (debut novel I believe) with likeable characters and an unmuddled main plot and a romantic subplot (which for me, was possibly introduced a bit too early on in a book that is the first in a series). Of particular note was good development of the storyline; the author kept things moving from the outset and by the conclusion all parts, people, plot, technology had grown since their introduction. The sign of some good storytelling. I'm interested to see how the story arc develops in the next instalment.

Get Embark and be entertained. Recommended. 

Before You Leap ( (Time Will Tell Book One) by Les Lynam

Loved it! Great characters. Get it and be entertained.

Outlaw (Hearts Desire Book One) by Angela Verdenius

 Very enjoyable! Now, this is only the second book of (ahem) strong romance I've read. I really do think I'm a convert! With this book, I thoroughly enjoyed the plot; the lassie in it not only had external challenges to face but also an internal struggle when her loyalties are tested.

The two main characters, while it did have some "hot" physical exchanges also shared an intimacy which gave both of them considerable depth.

Really liked it. Recommended. 

State of Grace (Resurrection #1) by Elizabeth Davies

 I can't remember how this book got onto my Kindle as I seldom read erotic romance but I am so glad it did! The titular Grace has serious health issues (no spoilers - because you've got to read it!). At first, she attributes her ability to time travel to this, but a pattern emerges, people in her other reality have their own (ahem) attributes and remarkable existences.

Elizabeth Davies writes with a sense of humour and brilliant turn of phrase. She makes tongue in cheek (actually tongue is mentioned a few times in this book!) references to everyday and familiar things and paints a beautiful picture of the area, Brecon in Wales, where the book is set.

I recommend this book. Get it and be entertained. 

The Incredible Aunty Awesomesauce by J S Frankel

YA novel and very humorous. Deals with love, loss, self-esteem, bullying, aliens and an Aunty who is not what she seems!

The Afterlife of Walter Augustus by Hannah Lynn

Witty, inventive and thoroughly charming. Beautifully written. 

To Visit Earth by Ian Hugh McAllister

Solid, hard sci fi from Ian Hugh McAllister. Well worth a look - it'll surprise you. I loved it!

TP 1000: The Bishops by Peter Martin. 

Time Travel. Great premise and an enjoyable read. Great debut novel.